Corporate Responsibility


At Merge4 we make socks without the stink. [You can do that on your own.]

We’re well into the 21st Century where technology and environmental concern have smashed together like a jam sammich. The new evolution is producing products guaranteed harmless to both human beings, puppies, kittens, unicorns and the environment. Besides conventional factors such as functionality, quality and design, stuff like environment, health and safety and the associated sustainable sense of responsibility are pretty much extra-really important to Merge4.

We aren’t just people who make damn great super high quality socks. Merge4 is also way into respecting the environment around us - from cubicle to taco stands, beaches to concrete bowls in the community and abroad. We want to make a huge positive impact on the world and help create sustainability and because of that Merge4 has implemented the Merge4 the Environment Program: 11 Steps to ensure that as a brand we are producing quality socks with less waste.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice: Yep the four R’s. Choosing durable quality over disposable junk. Repair, rather than discard. Buy less and pass on no-longer-needed-items to someone who does. At Merge4 this starts in the office by recycling toner cartridges and placing recycling receptacles at every desk. At the other end, Merge4 socks are built tough, built to take it, built to last. But it gets dicey if you don’t keep your toenails trimmed. Just sayin’. When socks have worn out their usage and it’s time to move on, we encourage our consumers to clean them up and pass them along. Just do not put them in your mouth. That’s just nasty.

2. Biodegradable Cleaning Supplies. Cleanliness is a hell of a good thing. There’s a lot of junk cleaning products that do the bad stuff to our mother, the earth, and our sacred water tables in the name of keeping surfaces clean. Merge4 does smart shopping when it comes to finding environmentally-friendly cleaning products: citrus-based, respect based, clean, "Olé!" Merge4’s mission is to reduce the amount of toxic cleaning supplies used within the company and switch them with non-toxic/biodegradable products in hopes of decreasing this pollution.

3. As “Water Protectors” are putting themselves on the front-lines of saving our water sources, we maintain our dedicated concern in the backend. Water is Life. Life is Precious. Water is Precious: With knowledge of increasing populations and decreasing water supplies, Water Conservation, aims to conserve water as best we can. Merge4 employees are encouraged to knock off any water waste, and preserve water however we can.

4. A Kilowatt Saved is a Kilowatt Earned, Merge4’s Energy Efficient Equipment step makes our employees unplug all electrical equipment and stuff they ain’t usin’. This step also aims towards all future computer purchases will have power management mode when no one is using them.

5. Cool Your Jets. Within Merge4 HQ, overall energy is reduced by switching to programmable thermostats that only warm things up during business hours. Merge4 will also reduce energy caused from heating by setting our water tank temperature to no higher than 120*F.

6. Going Light on Lighting. The tech world has designed a better lightbulb, and Merge4 have replaced all conventional light bulbs with super-efficient compact LED lights. This switch to compact LED lights knocks down energy usage by 66% compared to them old regular light bulbs.

7. Light Wrap. Merge4 is on the ball, researching sources for recyclable packing material, post-consumer recycled material, and to reduce the amount of packaging we use wherever possible.

8. Managing Inputs + Responsible Actions = Bluesign. The bluesign® system reduces the environmental impact concerning the entire textile supply chain. With its holistic approach the Input Stream Management provides an efficient solution for chemical suppliers, textile and accessories manufacturer as well as fashion brands. Stating the principles and monitoring the implementation of the bluesign® system, bluesign technologies ag encourages the textile industry to increase their efforts in sustainable processes.

9. Community Involvement. Merge4 has organized the Merge4 the Planet Annual Clean-Up Day. We are all about helping the communities we come in contact with, by cleaning beaches, parks, and neighborhoods.

10. CO2 Or Emissions is Our Mission. Merge4’s mission is easing emissions. Say that 10 times really fast. Merge4 will provide employees incentives to Reduce Commuter CO2 Emissions. We can’t buy everyone a company Tesla, yet, but we have implemented a program to reimburse employees for purchasing a Hybrid or Alternative Fuel Consumption vehicle, even if they are ugly. In addition, Merge4 also encourages employees to commute to work using alternative methods of transportation, such as, carpooling, busing, skateboarding, horse riding, llamas are good, so is riding a bike. This is the age of the miracle of telecommunications and we encourage our employees to communicate like that. Employees who take part in this are awarded Merge4 CO2 Awards.

11. Plastic. Plastic has a tendency to blow down the streets, gather in the corners of parking lots, city parks, schoolyards, to the beach, littering the sand and the surf. That sucks, makes the country look like a pig sty. Merge4 is dedicated to eliminating the use of plastic since we live in a beach town. We’re working with a Save our Shores mindset and our employees and volunteers are dedicated to keep the beaches clean from the plastic of tourists and others, while also reducing the amount of plastic from our production and products.